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Fantasy Goats: One Last Look Before Kickoff

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Still trying to decide who to put on your fantasy team? We give you some tips regarding Chivas USA's players.

Unsurprisingly, Kennedy is the most popular Chivas player right now in fantasy.
Unsurprisingly, Kennedy is the most popular Chivas player right now in fantasy.
Jeff Golden

With only few days before the 2013 season begins, hopefully you have been able to register to The Goat Parade's fantasy league and set up your team.

Not entirely sure that's the the lineup you want? No worries, you can transfer players in and out with no penalty until kickoff, i.e. transfers for Round 1 must be confirmed by March 2nd, 12:45 pm PT. It is getting close, but don't worry, we have a handy guide for your fantasy Goats!

At the moment, there are only two ways of rating players: total points scored in last season's campaign or, perhaps more helpful, percentage taken by other league managers. Seeing how other managers pick can be a useful strategy to find players who are undervalued. At the same time, it can be a useful tool to help you differentiate your roster so you can move away from the pack.

Let's give you some tips on possible Chivas USA players to select (remember, you can take up to three players per team on your fantasy roster):

The Expensive pick: Well it's been said here and echoed elsewhere: This is the year Juan Agudelo needs to step up and perform. He's priced as such at a cold $8.0. Strikers tend to be your most expensive players so Agudelo's value is good enough for 14th at his position on 5.4% of rosters.

The Values:
There are two Chivas USA players on 10% or more off all fantasy league rosters: Dan Kennedy (obviously) on 10.3% but at 15% the top Chivas USA fantasy option is ... Ben Zemanski? Yep, even though Zemanski plays for the Timbers, he counts as a Chivas USA player (For now. MLS fantasy can be a bit slow to make changes. - Ed). At a reasonably low $4.5, he has found his way onto 15% of all the MLS Fantasy Soccer Manager Rosters.

Zemanski might get the start on Sunday playing the bottom pivot in the 4-4-2 diamond against the New York Red Bulls. He played 90 minutes in his pre-season debut with the Portland Timbers against FC Dallas. Zemanski showed some rust; he had been banged up and had not played for two weeks prior to that game.

Marvin Iraheta is the next value at 3.5%. At $4.0 he is a cheap buy at midfield and almost certainly a better value than Carlos Alvarez at $5.5.

Avoid: Chivas USA defenders. The prices aren't very competitive, the lineup is uncertain so it's understandable while there are not many takers. Ante Jazic is on 2.6% of rosters, three times as much as the rest of the Chivas defenders combined.

Also avoid: Alejandro Moreno hung up the spikes for the booth. Nearly 1% of managers are paying $6.5 for his services (LOL - Ed).

Besides the unpredictability of the lineup choices, Chivas USA also has a tough stretch for the final six rounds of the competition. After playing in Houston, then against the San Jose Earthquakes and the Galaxy, Chivas players have byes for weeks 34 and 35. If you get value out of your Chivas picks, you may want to waive them towards the end of the season. Still, you will have time and transfers available throughout the season to make changes - and you will need to make changes to your overall roster and lineup if you want to be competitive!

Good luck and happy rotoing!

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