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What the Flock?! Podcast - Supporters Groups Speak Out!

This week, we welcome members of the Black Army 1850 and Union Ultras to the show, and welcome back Jose Domene.

Without the fans, what is a team?
Without the fans, what is a team?
Victor Decolongon

You ever wonder what the Chivas USA supporters think about all controversy following the club these days? Did you even know that Chivas USA had supporters? "What the Flock?!" dedicated the current podcast to Black Army 1850 and Union Ultras members to give them a platform from which they can share their dreams, heartaches, and complaints. Angel Mendoza of the Black Army and Julio "Chivamayor" Ramos of the Union Ultras both share their feelings about all the changes from Chivas USA, the racism accusations, and their hopes for 2013. Please give them a listen and perhaps you might learn something about Chivas USA's most rabid fans.

Also, we continue our conversation with former Chivas USA general manager Jose Domene as he speaks on many of the current topics existing today in US soccer and MLS.

As you know, "What The Flock" is the "unofficial" voice of the fans/supporters of Chivas USA. Hate diversity? Not a fan of multiculturalism and sports? Scared of goats? Then this is not a podcast for you! Otherwise, ORALE!! Start downloading the show, ese!

ELAC and Glyconerd - Hosts

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