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Rumor: Carlos Ruiz Could Return to MLS with Chivas USA

Is El Pescadito on his way to Chivas USA?

Ruiz: On his way back to MLS?
Ruiz: On his way back to MLS?
Joe Scarnici

Over on today, Jonah Freedman has passed along the report out of Guatemala that forward Carlos Ruiz, last seen in MLS with the Philadelphia Union in 2011, could be on his way to Chivas USA. The 33-year old retired from international soccer with the Guatemalan National Team last year, and he's apparently mulling over options on three continents, with the Chivas USA link being closest to home. However, in reading the report from La Prensa Libre from Saturday (Spanish), it seems Guatemalan club Municipal, Ruiz's first as a pro, is also trying to sign him. Is this rumor legit, or an effort by the player or his agent to inflate his contract demands?

The link with Chivas USA is real, however. Although he never played for the Goats (he did spend two stints with the LA Galaxy, including winning MLS MVP in 2002), he played for Chivas USA coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola in 2009 with Puebla, and in two short seasons with the club he was productive.

One concern with Ruiz has to be his age and wear on his body. If we compare him to last season's veteran forwards, Ruiz is the same age as Alejandro Moreno and four years younger than Juan Pablo Angel. However, JPA was productive until last year, where he struggled with injuries, and Ruiz has always been far more productive across his career than Moreno. If he signed with Chivas, there is a solid chance he could be totally ineffective, but I wouldn't consider this a bad move, unless he was overpaid.

Still, we'll have to see if there is merit to this story, if this is posturing to get a better contract in Guatemala, or if he's headed to a different destination. Stay tuned!

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