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A Speculative Look at Chivas USA's Current Roster

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There are still many questions, but the squad looks to be coming together for 2013.

Chelís: Putting his roster together.
Chelís: Putting his roster together.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

With training camp underway, and with Chivas USA finally making some announcements about players, we can now begin constructing a speculative roster. There are still questions, and there will still likely be more arrivals and departures, but this is a starting point for 2013.

Let's break it down by basic position, starting from the back.


Dan Kennedy (listed on roster on club's official website)

Tim Melia (listed on club roster)

Patrick McLain (listed on club roster)


Bobby Burling (listed on club roster)

James Riley (listed on club roster)

Mario de Luna (training with team, has not been announced by the club - appears to be on loan from Chivas de Guadalajara)


Carlos Alvarez (listed on club roster)

Eric Avila (listed on club roster, but unclear if he is currently under contract)

Miller Bolanos (listed on club roster)

Laurent Courtois (listed on club roster)

Marky Delgado (listed on club roster)

Marvin Iraheta (listed on club roster)

Oswaldo Minda (listed on club roster)

Jorge Villafana (listed on club roster)

Ben Zemanski (listed on club roster)

Edgar Mejia (training with team, not announced by team - appears to be on loan from Chivas de Guadalajara)

Giovani Casillas (training with team, not announced by club - appears to be on loan from Chivas de Guadalajara)


Juan Agudelo (listed on club roster)

Tristan Bowen (listed on club roster)

Jose Correa (listed on club roster)

Supplemental draft picks (effectively on trial at the moment):

Jose Diaz (defender, has not featured in any preseason matches)

Joe Franco (defender, apparently recovering from serious knee injury, hasn't participated in preseason matches)

Paul Islas (forward, has played in preseason)


Daniel Antunez (midfielder)

Carlos Borja (defender)

Narciso Cuevas (position unknown)

Rodrigo Lopez (midfielder)

Julio Morales (position unknown)

Emilio Orozco (defender)

Steve Purdy (defender)

Jose Manuel Rivera (forward)

Josue Soto (midfielder)

Joaquin Velazquez (defender)

Walter Vilchez (defender)

Status uncertain:

Ante Jazic (listed on club roster, has not participated in any preseason matches so far)

Shalrie Joseph (listed on club roster, but Chelís says Joseph is not in his plans this year)


Juan Pablo Angel (out of contract, returned to Colombia to Atletico Nacional)

Danny Califf (out of contract, selected by Toronto FC in the Re-Entry Draft)

Paolo Cardozo (cut)

Nick LaBrocca (traded to Colorado Rapids)

Rauwshan McKenzie (listed on roster, but left training camp after first week - on trial with Chicago Fire)

Alejandro Moreno (out of contract, retired)

Antonio Rodriguez (trained with club, but sent back to Guadalajara)

Cesar Romero (cut)

Ryan Smith (signed with Greek club Skoda Xanthi)

Casey Townsend (traded to D.C. United)

Peter Vagenas (out of contract)

John Valencia (returned to Colombia with Deportes Tolima)

Obviously, that's a lot of names altogether. Among the players, those on roster and on trial who have featured in preseason matches, I counted 31 players (32 if we include Kennedy, who appears set to stay at the moment). Today, Chivas coach Chelís noted that he has 29 players in camp that he likes and wants to keep. Obviously, there's a discrepancy of three. I can't say for sure who might be those three, although if Joaquin Velazquez and Narciso Cuevas are as old as I suspect, they may not be in the running for player contracts. That still leaves one more above his 29 number, but it looks like the squad is pretty much coming together, and it looks like the majority of the trialists will be signed, at least at this point.

Of course, there are sure to be some more twists and turns before first kick on March 2. Rest assured, we'll be there covering every move!

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