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Moving On: Alejandro Moreno to Announce, Carlos Llamosa to Cosmos

Well, a couple of guys didn't stay out of work for too long.

We won't see Ale's "Did I do that?" celebration again on the field.
We won't see Ale's "Did I do that?" celebration again on the field.
Jeff Gross

A couple of announcements related to Chivas USA's 2012 team emerged today. First, former forward Alejandro Moreno, who left Chivas after his contract ran out at the end of last season, was announced as the new color analyst for Philadelphia Union local television broadcasts today by the club. The news confirms that Moreno has retired as a player, and is fully moving into a post-playing career as an analyst. He has already featured as a desk analyst in a handful of ESPN MLS broadcasts the past two years, and was the color analyst in the last two broadcasts of the Mexico National Team (including last night's World Cup qualifier against Jamaica) on ESPN. So far, he has been quite good on television, although he seemed a bit overwhelmed last night by the occasion in the Estadio Azteca, along with play-by-play commentator Fernando Palomo. And Moreno has ties to the Union, as he played for them in 2010 before joining Chivas USA.

In other news, former assistant coach Carlos Llamosa, who had been with Chivas USA since 2006 as player and coach until his sudden firing last month, found a new job - working as an assistant coach with the New York Cosmos, who will be entering the NASL for the upcoming season. Llamosa will work for another novice head coach, in former player Giovanni Savarese, but that's something he's already done repeatedly in his short career as a coach.

Congrats to Alejandro and Carlos, and best of luck to both of them!

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