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Shalrie Joseph Trains with Seattle Sounders

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The out-of-favor midfielder could be on his way up north.

Victor Decolongon

Chivas USA midfielder Shalrie Joseph, who coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola has explained this preseason is not in his plans for the 2013 season, turned up in a new place this morning - Seattle Sounders' preseason training. No trade has taken place as of this time, and according to reporters at Sounders training, Chivas still owns Joseph's "rights," presumably meaning he is still under contract.

Although neutrals around the league considered this arrangement to be bizarre and chalked the whole idea of it, a Designated Player trialing with another team while still under contract, evidence of a Chivas USA "Gringo Fire Sale," I would argue they are largely missing the point. Chivas likely sought to trade Joseph sight unseen around the league, and probably found no takers, probably partially due to his high DP-level contract and partially because he was bad, very bad, last year. Alternately, or perhaps round two, the team gave Joseph the opportunity to train with teams, like Seattle, in order to persuade that team to pick him up.

If Seattle wants him (and again, considering his contract, age, and performance in 2012, that's a big if) I wouldn't even be concerned with who Chivas could get in exchange. If they got no players, fine! Just clearing his cap space and moving him on will be worth it. Remember, Chivas USA didn't win a single game after Joseph's arrival. By no means was he the only reason for their late-season collapse, but it was later revealed that Joseph had to play a certain number of games in order to guarantee his contract for 2013, and Chivas USA obliged him of that, despite the results on the field and the fact that he was preferred to players in better form in multiple positions. In all, if Joseph ended up in Seattle, it would be good news for Goats' fans, but we'll have to see if he sticks around in the rave green.

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