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Following a Long-awaited Chivas USA Win, Fun With Numbers!

Did Sunday's win feel good? Look at some of these facts to help figure out why it felt so good.

Feel the love: Oswaldo Minda and Chelís seem to understand each other now.
Feel the love: Oswaldo Minda and Chelís seem to understand each other now.

In case you haven't heard, Chivas USA won Sunday, beating FC Dallas at home 3-1. I think it is safe to say the result was cathartic for Goats' fans, who not only had to endure bad results but also get continuously dumped on around the interwebz. In the spirit of catharsis, I thought it would be useful to look at some of the statistical accomplishments as a result of Sunday's win.

(As previously reported) Last Chivas USA competitive win: July 29, 2012 vs. Portland Timbers (224 days)

Last Chivas USA competitive home win: July 18, 2012, also vs. Portland Timbers (235 days). It should be noted this was the 1 p.m. Wednesday match, where the crowd was primarily composed of children attending summer day camps, so most of the usual crowd wasn't in attendance, since they had things to do like work. The last home win featuring the "usual" crowd was June 20, 2012 vs. Montreal Impact (263 days) and even that was a Wednesday game, albeit an evening match.

Last time Chivas USA scored three goals in one match: August 29, 2012 vs. New England Revolution (aka Shalrie Joseph's only really good game for the Goats).

Last time Chivas USA scored three goals in one home match: September 24, 2011 vs. Toronto FC (533 days).

Sunday's game was the highest-scoring (4 goals) in MLS for the weekend.

Oswaldo Minda has scored two goals in his MLS career. Both have been winners: Sunday, and April 14, 2012 vs. TFC.

Juan Agudelo's last two MLS goals have come against FCD: in last year's season finale (October 28) and Sunday. Both goals were equalizers, and Sunday's mark puts Agudelo at 10 career goals in MLS. Now, let's see him double that this season...

Dan Kennedy's six saves were the most he's had in a single match since August 12, 2012, when he had eight against the LA Galaxy. Although it is a young season, DK's six-save performance ties him with Chicago Fire's Sean Johnson for most saves in a game so far this year.

Chivas USA currently sit in 3rd place in the Western Conference (again, a young season). They never sat as high in the standings in all of 2012.

Chivas USA have a positive goal differential this week for the first time in a long time. The last time they had a neutral GD, it was following the April 14, 2012 win over TFC. The last time they had a positive GD in MLS was following their win over TFC in September 2011.

Based on many of these stats, Chivas USA seems to have had considerable success recently against Toronto. They won't play them until July 17, but it is worth noting that TFC had an impressive win this weekend, a 2-1 victory over Eastern Conference favorites Sporting Kansas City, so who knows if either or both Chivas and Toronto can turn over a new leaf this season.

Ok, they have one win under their belt. Chivas only won consecutive league games once last season (against Portland Timbers and Toronto FC in April), so they have work to do this week against the rival LA Galaxy if they want to start some new, positive streaks.

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