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Chivas USA Goalkeeper Tim Melia Signed to a Contract Extension

It appears Melia will stay a Goat for...some time.

Melia: Re-upped with Chivas.
Melia: Re-upped with Chivas.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Some unexpected news from out of the blue were announced yesterday by Chivas USA. The club announced they have re-signed goalkeeper Tim Melia to a contract extension, though the length and other terms of the deal were not publicly disclosed. Melia played a total of five competitive games last year for Chivas, three in the U.S. Open Cup (all wins) and two in MLS (a draw and a loss).

The timing seems a bit odd on this announcement, but I'm not sure if Melia's deal was for something like 1.5 years, if this signing really took place in the offseason and they are just now getting around to announcing it, or if they really love Melia and want to wrap him up before he can get away. Who knows?

And unless the team is planning to make any other moves to the goalkeeping corps anytime soon, it appears they are happy with Melia, starter Dan Kennedy, and Patrick McLain. Stability has not been a hallmark of this roster, but the goalkeepers have so far shown themselves to be the strength of the team, and it is good to see them sticking with this group of three.

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