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Tonight's Chivas USA-Chivas de Guadalajara Friendly Only Available on Radio

If you want to catch it, you can hear it in Spanish on the radio.

Dale, dale Chivas USA!
Dale, dale Chivas USA!

Chivas USA are in Ciudad Juarez today to take on the other Chivas this evening in a friendly (4 pm PT). For those of you in Southern California interested in taking in the match, there is only one way of catching it, according to the club. The match will be broadcast in Spanish on W Radio 690 AM. There will be no television broadcast or online stream.

It will be interesting to see who actually plays in this match. The entire Chivas USA squad needed for the next two matches came on the trip, as after this friendly, they will travel straight to Chicago ahead of Sunday's MLS match against the Chicago Fire.

Discussing the matter on twitter with several Chivas USA fans, there are two schools of thought regarding the lineup for the match against Chivas. My initial impression is that I want reserves to play in this game, so that the starters don't get tired or hurt ahead of the competitive match on the weekend. Some fans pointed out, however, the compelling argument that playing Chivas USA's starters could help the team build chemistry in the first month of the season. Besides that, a Wednesday to Sunday turnaround isn't excessive, so presumably the starters could play in both matches and most likely be fine. I still fear injury and fatigue, but those arguments are persuasive and I must say my stance has changed since hearing it.

At any rate, I will provide info on the match this evening. I'd say, "Arriba las Chivas!" but that doesn't quite have the same ring in this match, does it? At any rate, hopefully it is a decent game and everybody emerges unscathed.

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