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"What the Flock?!" Welcomes Alexi Lalas and Grant Wahl

We say this every week, but you are really going to want to listen to this episode!

Lalas steps up to the mic on the latest "What the Flock?!" episode
Lalas steps up to the mic on the latest "What the Flock?!" episode
Mike Stobe

Chivas USA is racist! Chivas USA is a joke! Chivas USA should rebrand!
Blah! Blah! Blah!

As a Chivas USA supporter, I've heard everything over and over. It's like an unstoppable tsumani of hate, xenophobia, and ignorance that manifests every MLS season. On the other side, we've also heard from owner Jorge Vergara on the team (last year. Once). We've heard the new coach El Chelis speak (a lot). If you listen to "What the Flock?!", you've heard Glyco and myself speak (too much).

On the latest episode of "WTF?!", we take a moment to listen to two of the most recognized voices of American soccer today, ESPN's Alexi Lalas and Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl. They both chime in on all things Chivas USA and the contribution our Goats are making to the entire American soccer landscape. Let it be said, the gloves were off and both guests didn't hold back! Neither did I. Vamonos!! Whether you're a lover or a hater of the Goats, it would be wise to listen my interview with these distinguised and sometimes controversial guests. Orale!

Honestly speaking, interviewing Wahl and Lalas has been the highlight (so far) for me since starting "What The Flock?!" last year.

Please listen, our Goats need varying perspectives and intelligent debate. No manchen!


P.S. A special shot out to Angel Mendoza for helping us get Alexi! Gracias, Circa!