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All in the Family: Chivas USA 3, Chivas de Guadalajara 3

Two teams named Chivas scored three goals against each other. Confused yet?

Casillas: On the score sheet Wednesday in Mexico.
Casillas: On the score sheet Wednesday in Mexico.

Chivas USA and Chivas de Guadalajara recently concluded their charity friendly in Ciudad Juarez, and the result was an equal 3-3 tally. Each team had a PK on the night, and Chivas USA fans cried foul over the second one, the equalizer for the Mexican side, but thems the breaks, I suppose.

Following a familiar pattern established by Chivas USA, who have gone down in every single match in MLS play, and fell behind in a substantial number of their preseason games, Chivas raced out to a 2-0 lead, behind goals from Jesus Sanchez in the 18th minute, and Luis Morales in the 22nd minute. The AmeriGoats didn't lose heart, however, as they got a goal from Giovani Casillas off an assist by Marky Delgado in the 39th minute to make it 2-1 at the half. After the restart, Chivas USA got their second goal on a penalty by Jose Correa in the 57th minute.

Chivas USA then took the lead in the 77th minute when Julio Morales scored a terrific goal, assisted by Josue Soto. It appeared the American side could hang on for the win, but a penalty called in Chivas' favor was converted by Erick "Cubo" Torres in the 87th minute, knotting the score at 3-3. Some folks may call shenanigans over one or both of the penalties, but in the end, it's a friendly. Chivas USA coach Chelís, however, was miffed at the late PK, and walked off before the end of the game.

Chivas USA did play a largely reserve side in this match. Here was the announced starting XI: Tim Melia; Carlos Borja, Steve Purdy, Daniel Antunez, Emilio Orozco; Marky Delgado, Jose Manuel Rivera, Giovani Casillas, Laurent Courtois; Miller Bolanos, Julio Morales

Although I am not sure about the allotted number of substitutes for the game, Chivas USA subbed in Jorge Villafana for Courtois in the 26th minute, Correa obviously entered the game at some point, and Patrick McLain spelled Melia in the 59th minute. By my count, that means every single healthy player on the roster has played a match this month. The manager is really dividing the minutes up so far this season.

Well done to the team for giving a good showing against the mothership, and full speed ahead for Sunday against the Chicago Fire!

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