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Chivas USA Assistant Coach Walter Fleitas Suspended, Fined by MLS

His "irresponsible behavior" merits a punishment, according to the league.

The sideline will have one fewer coach Sunday.
The sideline will have one fewer coach Sunday.

Chivas USA assistant coach Walter Fleitas was ejected in the 84th minute of last Sunday's 1-1 draw against the LA Galaxy, and as a result, he has to face the punishment. Today, the MLS Disciplinary Committee fined Fleitas $500 to go along with the mandatory one-game suspension and $500 fine that accompany in-game ejections for coaches.

The exact reason of Fleitas' dismissal has not been publicly disclosed beyond the reasoning of "irresponsible behavior," though the Disciplinary Committee evidently believed it was warranted, something that an independent panel did not believe to be the case for defender Joaquin Velazquez's red card ejection in the same match, which was rescinded earlier this week.

You may recall former Chivas USA coach Robin Fraser was ejected from a match last season, and when he had contact with his team during a match he was suspended for, he was forced by the league to serve an additional game suspension. Hopefully Chivas let Fleitas know about that and will keep him well away from the team for the entire match Sunday.

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