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2013 MLS Reserve League Schedule Announced

A dozen games on the docket for Chivas USA, but why the wait until May?


Major League Soccer announced the Reserve League schedule this morning. With Chivas USA the only club to not participate in the MLS/USL-Pro partnership this season, the Reserve League will presumably be the only outlet for the Goats down the depth chart to get a chance to play actual games. The only clubs not participating in the MLS Reserve League this season will be D.C. United, the Philadelphia Union, the New England Revolution and Sporting Kansas City, because they will all be formally affiliated with USL-Pro teams.

Here is the schedule as announced today for the Goats (they do note that the schedule is subject to change):

Date Time Opponent Location
May 20 11 am Real Salt Lake Home
June 2 11 am Seattle Sounders Home
July 22 11 am LA Galaxy Home
July 29 7 pm Seattle Sounders Away
August 12 11 am Colorado Rapids Home
August 27 10 am Colorado Rapids Away
September 2 11 am Vancouver Whitecaps Away
September 15 11 am Portland Timbers Home
September 24 11 am Real Salt Lake Away
September 30 11 am San Jose Earthquakes Home
October 7 7 pm LA Galaxy "Away"
October 15 11 am San Jose Earthquakes Away

Two questions come out of this. First, why doesn't Chivas have a reserve game until the middle of May? The Reserve League itself got underway on Monday. I have no idea if this was a quirk of the schedule or Chivas had a hand in determining the schedule, but it seems pretty strange that the team has to wait a full 2.5 months in order to play a reserve game. That is especially true of a team with an almost entirely new roster, where getting game minutes as a group would seem to be pretty useful early in the season. Of course, the team may choose to play non-official reserve games against non-MLS opposition in the meantime, but we'll have to wait and see on that.

The second question is whether fans will be allowed at Reserve League games or not. Last season, the league claimed fans were unequivocally not allowed at Reserve League matches, reversing the custom at many clubs, but I do recall hearing of a few teams that had fans at their matches last year. The press release of the schedule does not make mention of this aspect.

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