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A Peek into The Goat Parade's Weekly Editorial Meeting

Chelís: Very busy (in our minds)
Chelís: Very busy (in our minds)

Hi everybody! You may have heard the "news" today that Herculez Gomez was joining Chivas USA this summer, followed by the reveal from the club that it was an April Fool's prank this afternoon. We may have dropped a tweet along the way to facilitate the joke, but don't worry, we're up on the straight and narrow from here on out!

At any rate, we wanted to share with you some of the many ideas we came up with for April Fool's Day, without subjecting you to further confusion and shaking of heads. During our last couple weekly editorial meetings, we mooted some ideas of what to post today. Here were some of the ideas from Matt Hoffman, Rachna Kapur, and myself:

Citing "Mission Accomplished," Chelis walks away

Dan Kennedy Cancels Charity After He Realizes he can't afford to donate $1 million for every save he makes

Chelis confidential: "Outscoring opponents is the secret to winning games"

El Chelis handed MLS Coach of the Year Award: "Seriously, they can totally crap out and never win another game and we would still have to give him the award," Don Garber said

Jorge Vergara misses the good old days where he could safely miss CUSA games and not miss anything

Chelis to appear on American Idol

Chivas Guadalajara players struggle to adapt to winning culture

Juan Agudelo dealt for a case of Modelo

HDC Staff Morale riding high citing Chelis effect "I am so pumped to safely direct people where to park. No tailgating please"

MLS trademarks 'El Chelis'

Vergara: 'Where did we go wrong? This was supposed to be 2005 all over again!'

El Chelis, Bruce Arena to team up against 'Stupid People'

Vergara downplays Chelis' role in the team's start--"I didn't see him scoring any of our goals. He's not even wearing shin guards."

Shalrie Joseph pumped to make an impact on Seattle Sounders Reserve opponents

Juan Agudelo given his choice of Ligue 1 team to join as a result of MLS/FFF partnership: "We have decided to take our coaching partnership a step further and cultivate through the transfer of one of our great up and comers to the great Ligue 1. Agudelo will be able to choose which team he'd like to join, as long as they sit between places 4-20 in the league table."

Vergara and Fuentes sell club to Grupo Televisa, who will rename team "America USA"

Citing Chivas USA's inability to fit within pre-determined narratives, nation's soccer writers quit en masse

Five weeks into the season Chivas USA in 2nd place -- oh wait, that one is real!

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