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Chivas USA Informal Injury Report: April 18, 2013

A new face on the list, many of the holdovers from last week, and an update on Patrick McLain's loan deal.

Antunez: Will unfortunately be out for some time.
Antunez: Will unfortunately be out for some time.

Another week, and another injury report for Chivas USA. The club released a report to the media yesterday, so that, coupled with published reports and photos, will be the basis for our informal report, as of now:

Juan Agudelo (hamstring): Despite playing 32 minutes Saturday off the bench, Agudelo is currently listed as "out" by the club. No word on whether he has participated in training this week in any capacity, so hopefully he did not suffer a setback during the match.

Daniel Antunez (knee): Suffered a pretty bad injury in his first career start Saturday. Blair Angulo reported Tuesday that Antunez has a torn meniscus, a sprained ACL, and a sprained MCL on his left knee. He will be off the field indefinitely, although perhaps a promising sign is that there was no word that he needed surgery. Meniscus tears do not always require surgery, and spraining an ACL is preferred to tearing it, so it could be worse. Still, even without surgery, he could be on the shelf for a period of months as he waits for his knee to heal. Best of luck to Daniel in his recovery.

Miller Bolanos (hamstring): Listed as a strain, and still listed as "out." It appears our favorite Ecuadorian attacker is truly hurt, and hopefully he's on the mend soon.

Oswaldo Minda (quad): Listed as a strain, and still listed as "out," although I saw a picture of Minda doing work on the side in a training picture posted this morning. Hopefully our favorite Ecuadorian defensive midfielder is getting close to health and a return to the lineup. Update April 18: Blair Angulo's article about Marvin Iraheta likely slotting into the starting lineup this week indicated that Minda was "sidelined" and implied he won't be ready for Saturday's match.

Walter Vilchez (knee): Still listed as "out," although there is good news on this front. Vilchez returned to training this week, and estimates he could be ready to be back in the lineup "within 2-3 weeks." That means that barring a setback, he may end up back on the field within the initial 4-6 week estimate provided by the team. Nice work, and keep up the rehab!

In other news, the club finally confirmed the loan of goalkeeper Patrick McLain to the LA Blues. The club says McLain will train with both teams, and the loan period will initially be until May 31, although Chivas USA have an option to keep him on loan through June. It is unclear if McLain will actually see action for the Blues, however, as starting keeper Carl Woszczynski was named USL Pro Player of the Week for his performances last week.

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