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Chivas USA Fall 2-1 to OC Spartans FC in Scrimmage

The Goats played a reserve game, but they couldn't get the win this time around.

Borja: Played a full 90 today.
Borja: Played a full 90 today.

With Chivas USA on a bye this week, they are staying in the playing action by holding two reserve games this week with local lower league sides. Today, they hosted new NPSL team Orange County Spartans FC at the HDC complex, but the visitors came away with a 2-1 win. Preseason Chivas USA trialist Leopoldo Morales scored a penalty kick in the 45th minute to give Spartans the lead, and the Goats tied the match in the 63rd minute when Marky Delgado's shot was deflected into goal by a Spartans player (hey, that sounds familiar!). But Spartans took the lead for good in the 64th minute when Manuel Asprilla led a jailbreak and beat Patrick McLain to make the score 2-1.

Morales wasn't the only player for Spartans today with a Chivas USA connection, as former homegrown signing Bryan de la Fuente played the entire match for the visitors. Additionally, former San Jose Earthquake Omar Jasseh and former New York Red Bull Irving Garcia also played for Spartans today.

For their part, Chivas played a lineup that was largely reserve, including the handful of players who have not seen first team action yet this season. Here was the starting lineup for the Goats:

Tim Melia, Emilio Orozco, Steve Purdy, Carlos Borja, Marky Delgado, Jose Manuel Rivera, Marvin Iraheta, Laurent Courtois, Josue Soto, Giovani Casillas, Julio Morales

Somewhat surprisingly, they only used two subs on the game, as McLain replaced Melia in the 41st minute, and Daniel Antunez came in for Casillas to start the second half.

Chivas have another reserve scrimmage this week, Friday against Cal FC, and I would expect they would play more of their starters for that one to keep them in a regular match rhythm.

Either way, win or lose, this is not a game to get worked up over, since it does not count in any standings.

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