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"What the Flock?!" ponders "What if?" this week

This week's episode is here for your listening pleasure!

Don't worry Joaquin, we are also bloody and dazed after the last two games
Don't worry Joaquin, we are also bloody and dazed after the last two games

What if?

What if Chore Mejia converted his penalty kick? What if Carlos Alvarez nicked that shot before the half? What if Real Salt Lake converted on all those shots that hit the bar? What if Chivas USA had a better backline? What if? What if? What if?

In many ways, our last two games have become an exercise in trying to answer these questions. In our latest podcast, we explore the scintilating start by Chivas USA and its scrappy (albeit controversial) finish against the Utah MLS franchise (nameless). We talk about the moronic behavior of Mejia and El Chelis in the final moments of that game and why they may be judged differently because they're Chivas USA.

To add perspective on this, we talk to "El Carrilero Original" or "The Original Winger" Brian Dunseth to share some perspective on the game and Chivas USA. Dunseth does color commmentary for MLS games and worked the RSL vs Chivas USA game. His candidness and willing to say what many other American soccer journos don't makes it a special interview.

So onward and upward, Goat fans!


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