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Poll: Chivas USA Player of the Month

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Who ya got?
Who ya got?

Hi folks! With one calendar month gone in the 2013 MLS season, I thought it would be a good time to introduce a new feature on the site. Let's have a monthly award for the best Chivas USA player. First up, March!

I am sure this is completely fresh in your mind, but Chivas racked up an impressive 3-1-1 record last month, putting them in second place in the Western Conference. They lead the league in goals scored, and seven different players have scored so far this season. On the defensive end, after letting in three goals their first match, they have allowed only one goal each in the subsequent four matches. The goalkeeping is solid yet again. So this team seems to be clicking right now.

It is likely that many people would want to give coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola the lion's share of the credit, and that is certainly valid, but let's recognize a player who maybe did more than the rest in helping the team get off to such a strong start.

Vote now! We'll reveal the winner on Monday.

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