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Chivas USA's Informal Injury Report - April 10, 2013

We do our best to cobble together an injury report on the Goats.

Minda: A question mark heading into Saturday.
Minda: A question mark heading into Saturday.

With MLS no longer requiring clubs to report player injuries on any regular basis or with any accuracy (this was confirmed to me by Real Salt Lake's official twitter account over the weekend), I will try to keep track of Chivas USA's injuries to the best of my ability every week. Chivas USA look like they have been providing a sort of accurate injury report, as many players are listed but some are not until weeks later when a lingering injury continues to hamper, so we must consider this report informal, since they could be hiding some injuries yet.

I'm basing this report primarily from Monday's training report on the club website (Update: the club released an injury report to media Tuesday, so I'm adding that to the original story):

Juan Agudelo: (hamstring) classified as a strain, held out of training Monday but hoping to make the bench Saturday against the Colorado Rapids. Update: returned to training Wednesday, according to pictures released by the club, listed as questionable Tuesday.

Miller Bolanos: (ankle) classified as a sprain, has apparently hampered him for weeks, although he did feature in the reserve game last Friday. Still, he did not train yesterday, so his status has to be pretty dicey looking to Saturday. Update: listed as out on Tuesday.

Jose Correa: (groin) classified as a strain, was not mentioned in Monday's training report, but listed as questionable on Tuesday.

Edgar Mejia: (groin) classified as a strain, returned to training, so unless he suffers a setback should be considered a solid be to start Saturday at this point. Update: listed as questionable on Tuesday.

Oswaldo Minda: (hamstring) still not training, so he could need more time to recuperate before returning to the lineup. Update: listed as out on Tuesday.

Steve Purdy: (shin) did not train Monday, but he hasn't yet featured for the first team competitively, so this one isn't as big of a concern as the others at the moment. Update: listed as questionable on Tuesday.

Walter Vilchez: (knee/ankle) was not listed in the club's training report at all, so his status is currently unclear, but the lack of info on him makes me think he's not ready to play. His earliest estimated return was this Saturday, but I always found that pretty optimistic. For now, we'll mark him as "out" until further notice. Update: listed as out on Tuesday.

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