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San Jose Earthquakes' Steven Lenhart suspended by MLS for raking foot across Mario de Luna's face

The league's least-favorite forward will be benched for a couple games after trying to rearrange Mario de Luna's face.

Lenhart, wondering in the 1st half how he can truly endanger de Luna later in the game.
Lenhart, wondering in the 1st half how he can truly endanger de Luna later in the game.

Here's some rather unexpected news. Major League Soccer has suspended San Jose Earthquakes forward Steven Lenhart for two matches and fined (amount not publicized) for his uncalled foul(s) on Chivas USA defender Mario de Luna in the second half.

There was considerable debate following Saturday's 2-2 draw whether or not Lenhart meant to rake his foot across de Luna's head twice. Since Lenhart has a reputation for dirty play, most fans failed to give him the benefit of the doubt whatsoever. Personally, if he had done it once, then maybe it could be argued that it was an accident, but since he dragged his foot across de Luna's head after switching directions it made it seem pretty clearly intentional.

Fans on twitter have already asked if Lenhart was suspended, why wasn't Sean Franklin of the LA Galaxy for his studs-in-chest karate kick on Josue Soto during the first SuperClasico of the season? I have no idea - even Galaxy fans were clearly expecting him to be punished following the match, but no decision ever came down. It is worth noting that the way the MLS Disciplinary Committee works is that decisions must be unanimous in order to mandate suspensions. As a result, in Franklin's case, there may have been one Committee member who didn't agree with a suspension, while in Lenhart's case, the group was in complete agreement.

Obviously, the decision does not directly impact Chivas USA competitively, but it is good to see even the MLS Disciplinary Committee is actually watching the Goats' games this season!

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