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Nice video feature on Chivas USA supporter group Union Ultras

Some Goats fans feeling some love!

The Union Ultras, getting ready for a game.
The Union Ultras, getting ready for a game.

As a club, on and off the field, Chivas USA is often maligned, but one bright spot consistently cited by neutrals and even some of those haters is the respect for the Goats' supporter groups. I know some of you reading this belong to one of the two groups, the Union Ultras or the Black Army 1850, while others may not. Each group has a distinctive vibe and culture (and usually, a color scheme), but both groups contribute massively to the atmosphere at Chivas' matches and through their work during gamedays and in the community, provide some much-needed positive press to Chivatown.

As part of a feature on their 91st minute blog last week, Top Drawer Soccer featured the Union Ultras in this video on the group. If you are already pretty familiar with them, you probably won't learn a great deal, but you may see a few familiar faces that are always at the HDC. This also highlights the community-building that does indeed arise from the club, despite the worries over attendance.

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