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Update: MLS denies Chivas USA sale rumors, David Beckham in talks about owning MLS team

MLS Speaks Out About Chivas USA Rumors


Chivas USA fans will continue to wait and see which direction their club is headed. After a night filled with rumors about club acquisitions from both MLS and the world’s second richest man Carlos Slim, the league issued a statement stating that all rumors were false, and that the league supported the current owners in their endeavors and have no intentions of moving the club. The full release can be read here. Chivas Guadalajara also linked to the release on their official website, as you can see here (Spanish).

Separate rumors began yesterday regarding David Beckham’s interest in owning a team in Major League Soccer after the announcement of his retirement from playing soccer. Said rumors were confirmed today, as Major League Soccer’s President of Communications Dan Courtemanche stated "there have been discussions with his advisors, his management, preliminary discussions." Beckham’s reps stated that it is still very early in his post-retirement to discuss what he will do next. Many speculated yesterday that Beckham’s interest in MLS could be tied to Chivas USA. However, it is way too early in the process to speculate on this subject.

The timing of all of these rumors is quite interesting. It seems this club has not had a moment of rest in the media since the season started. With awful trade decisions, Chelis’ personality, and now rumors about the future of the club, fans of the team and around the league will continue to be put through the rollercoaster of rumors and news that surround this team.

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