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Update: Still no news, denials by te Kloese, clarifications and going back to the original source

Still no concrete word, but we're looking for what's happening at the moment.


The ongoing story is apparently still ongoing. I assume there will be some time warp where as soon as each of us puts away our computers and phones, something will happen, because that's how it goes, right?

Anyway, here's the latest on the rumored sale of the Chivas empire and the fate of Chivas USA:

Sporting Director Dennis te Kloese talked to ESPN Deportes' Omar Fares and among many other points about the latest "rebuilding" project at Chivas de Guadalajara, te Kloese said rumors that MLS was going to take over the club in one way or another were "totally false." (Spanish)

Meanwhile, over at Pro Soccer Talk, Steve Davis makes a good point about the mooted link between all this talk of change regarding Chivas USA and David Beckham getting interested in owning an MLS club, as part of his original contract to come to the league. The league has said multiple times in the past that Beckham has an ownership option on an "expansion" club, not an existing one like Chivas USA. Despite this important distinction, Davis does acknowledge that Beckham could have some ownership role in Chivas USA:

So, while Beckham could theoretically become owner of Chivas USA, the expansion club option negotiated into his original MLS deal back in 2007 would be irrelevant in the process.

And I thought it would be worthwhile to check in with the guy who started the ball rolling on this colossal rumor. Here's what Agent Ron Waxman tweeted earlier this afternoon:

He could be right, he could have bad sources, he could have jumped the gun on the claim there would be an announcement today. Probably folks who cover the Chivases should have told him that pinpointing a set date for Chivas news dropping is a fool's errand, especially one that apparently includes a transaction in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

As ever, we'll keep monitoring the situation.

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