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Chivas USA Academy: Both teams triumphant in junior SuperClasico

Both teams beat the MLS rivals and are on their way to the playoffs!

The Academy cruises, once again.
The Academy cruises, once again.
Alicia Rodriguez

Chivas USA's Academy finished their USSDA regular season today, with a big rivalry match against the LA Galaxy Academy. Happily, the junior Goats won both matches, with the U-18s winning 2-1 and the U-16s winning 4-2. Interestingly, the official Chivas USA website made a point of including the detail that current Chivas USA owner Jorge Vergara was in attendance for the Academy matches, and there was a picture of him and Sporting Director Dennis te Kloese on the front page of the website.

The U-18s won off goals by Romario Lomeli and Caleb Calvert. Calvert continues to lead the U-15/16 division nationally in goals scored, but he's taken to playing up a division as well and helped boost the U-18s, who looked like they had a long shot of making the playoffs just a couple months ago. Despite the odds, the team did end up making the playoffs, as they finished in the middle of the USSDA Wild Card pack. It was quite the turnaround for them, and getting the win over their MLS rivals was surely a nice capper on the regular season. Well done boys!

Meanwhile, the U-16s won on the day with goals from Mark Hernandez, Bilal Abdallah, Jorge Ruiz, and Adonis Amaya. The commanding win finishes off a very successful season, with the U-16s winning their division and earning the fourth spot nationally for the playoffs. They really poured it on over the course of the season and ended up succeeding in resounding fashion. Way to go!

Now, it's on to the USSDA playoffs, which will be held in Frisco, Texas this year and will begin in late June. The teams have time to train and get their gameplans ready for the playoff tournament. Best of luck in preparations, and way to do Chivatown proud this season!

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