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Chivas USA defeat LA Misioneros 1-0 in reserve match

Another game, a win! (But this one doesn't count)

Casillas: Made the difference for the Goats.
Casillas: Made the difference for the Goats.

Chivas USA played a midweek reserve match Wednesday, against the USL PDL side Los Angeles Misioneros, and the Goats won 1-0 behind a goal by Giovani Casillas in the 21st minute. Beyond that, information about the match is hard to come by, since the official club site wrote about the match in general terms, so nerds like me couldn't find out the details of 70 minute reserve matches! The horror!

In all honesty, it would have been great to learn what the starting lineup was for the match. As it was, the club only disclosed the lineup for the second half. Do you think there's some kind of trend among the second half players?

Dan Kennedy; Mario de Luna, Steve Purdy, Joaquin Velazquez; Tristan Bowen, Marvin Iraheta, Eric Avila, Carlos Alvarez, Jorge Villafana; Caleb Calvert, Julio Morales

10 of those 11 are basically starters (they may not all start every game, but they have started), so this wasn't a proper "reserve" game as much as a scrimmage for the entire healthy squad. Again, since they didn't reveal who started the match, or if there were subs during the game, I have no idea who all played and for how long.

The 11th name on that list, Caleb Calvert, is a member of Chivas USA's Academy. He is eligible for the U-16 team, but has divided his time this year between the U-16s and U-18s. He currently leads the entire U.S. Development Academy system at the U-16 level in goals scored this season, so it is good to see him getting a look by the senior team.

Finally, a note about the Misioneros. They just announced this week that among their new signings, Chivas USA 2013 Supplemental Draft pick Jose Diaz would be joining the club this season. Since I don't think he even made it to CUSA's preseason camp, the MLS side may have no interest in him, but the link between clubs and player may indicate an interest in his progress moving forward. We'll have to see.

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