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Chivas USA announce contract extension with Dan Kennedy through 2016

The captain looks set to remain with the Goats for years to come.

DK: Looks like he's set to be here until at least 2016.
DK: Looks like he's set to be here until at least 2016.

Chivas USA held a press conference outdoors at the HDC complex this afternoon, and announced starting goalkeeper Dan Kennedy has signed a contract extension with the club through 2016. The press conference included Kennedy, club president Jose David, and director of soccer Paco Palencia.

The team announced the press conference Wednesday afternoon, but no news leaked out about the subject until minutes beforehand, when team beat writer Blair Angulo tweeted that the event had something to do with Dan Kennedy. As Chivatown collectively hoped for the best and feared for the worst, we all had to wait until the announcement came, and all things considered, I don't know of a single Chivas USA fan who would be upset to learn that DK's contract has been extended and it appears he will be staying with the team for years to come.

Considering the trade rumors that were very realistic that swirled around Kennedy this past offseason, coupled with the perceived plan to dump him for untested Chivas de Guadalajara product Antonio Rodriguez, this is quite a turn of events. Kennedy, 30, has unquestionably been Chivas USA's best player the last two seasons, earning a 2012 MLS All-Star honor as well as being runner-up in 2012 MLS Goalkeeper of the Year. Hopefully, this is a clear statement that Chivas are not looking to offload Kennedy and DK is happy and settled with the Goats, and will be a fixture between the posts for years to come.

For the moment, no details regarding the contract were revealed beyond the length, so it is unclear if he is a Designated Player now (that's unlikely) and how much of a raise he'll be getting (oh, I hope he didn't have to take a pay cut). Overall, congrats to Dan! This is certainly something you deserve, and Chivas USA fans are very happy!

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