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"What the Flock?!" discusses defense, dismal performances, and drama

There's lots happening in Chivatown, and we discuss some of the latest.

That's our reaction, too, Walter.
That's our reaction, too, Walter.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

"What the Flock?!" is back! On this week's episode, ELAC and Glyconerd invited me on the podcast once again to discuss various matters Chivas USA. From the latest tough defeat to Real Salt Lake, to the options Chivas USA have to improve at this point in the season, we go through what's been happening on the field lately. On top of that, we preview this week's game against the Colorado Rapids, and of course address the rumors surrounding the fate of our fine club. Are we in agreement on what we think the future holds? Far from it...listen for yourself to find out!

Thanks to the guys for inviting me on this week! As always, you can listen to episodes on Buzzsprout and iTunes. You can also reach the guys on twitter @whattheflockpod and e-mail them at

Of course, if you have comments on this episode, feel free to share them here! What do you think of the latest episode?