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Anthony Isom tweets he's joining Chivas USA

Could Chivas USA be adding another player to their roster?

Fans of Empoli, Isom's former club
Fans of Empoli, Isom's former club
Giuseppe Bellini

Are you looking for new players to join Chivas USA? Well, here's one who could possibly join the club. American Anthony Isom (I've also seen him called Anthony Isom-Russo, among other names) tweeted Tuesday he was joining Chivas USA:

I am having a hard time pinning down specific information about him, including his age (I've see everything ranging from 20 to 24) and his position (in an article on Top Drawer Soccer last year, he said he was a forward, but had played on the wing and as a fullback).

A former member of the New York Red Bulls Academy, Isom went to Italian Serie B side Empoli in 2011, spending a year in the youth ranks there. In the same Top Drawer Soccer article, Isom said he did not renew his contract with Empoli, and was exploring other options. In the months since, Isom has been linked with teams in Italy, England, and unsurprisingly, the Red Bulls, but he remains a free agent. However, Isom also tweeted he had suffered a significant injury, and perhaps that scared potential clubs away or made it difficult for him to go on proper trials.

Adding to the plausibility of the report, Chivas coach Chelís tweeted at Isom earlier today:

I guess if the coach is presumably inviting a free agent on the team flight to a game, they are probably serious about him. However, it could just be in the trial stage at this point and we'll have to see if this story has any legs.

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