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Gamethread: Chivas USA Vs. LA Blues, 5/28/13

Ready for the game?


It is time for the game! Chivas USA are taking on the LA Blues at Titan Stadium in Fullerton (7:30 pm PT, free legal stream available here) in the U.S. Open Cup 3rd round. The winner advances tonight in this format, so it is a big game, and one where Chivas can hopefully show signs of life.

If you missed it, take a look at the match preview from earlier today.

As long as the stream holds up, I'll be providing my basic play-by-play and commentary in the comments section below. Have an opinion! Feel free to join in the discussion!

Time for the lineups!

Chivas USA starting XI: Dan Kennedy; Joaquin Velazquez, Mario de Luna, Carlos Borja; Josue Soto, Marvin Iraheta, Carlos Alvarez, Martin Ponce, Giovani Casillas; Miller Bolanos, Tristan Bowen

Chivas bench: Patrick McLain, Bobby Burling, Jorge Villafana, Marky Delgado, Gabriel Farfan, Eric Avila

LA Blues starting XI: Aaron Perez; Jimmy Turner, Duach Jock, Erlys Garcia, Matt Hall; Rodrigo Lopez, Allan Russell, Nelson Pizarro, Mehrshad Momeni, Gabriel Gonzalez, George Davis

Blues bench: Steve Gonzalez, Charles Pettys, Cory Miller, David Bakal, Sergio Ortiz, Chris Cortez, J. Perez

Arriba las Chivas!