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Video: Chivas USA goalkeeper Dan Kennedy scores a competitive goal

It happened, it really did.

DK did this Tuesday, only into the opponent's goal.
DK did this Tuesday, only into the opponent's goal.
Jeff Gross

Chivas USA beat the LA Blues 2-1 in the 3rd round match of the U.S. Open Cup Tuesday, and the winning goal came courtesy of a brand new goal scorer, somebody who has been a pro since 2005.

I'm talking, of course, about Dan Kennedy.

The goalkeeper is frequently seen to be Chivas' best player (because he is) and I've often joked that he ought to be scoring goals on top of his excellent GK abilities, since his teammates have often fallen short of providing proper support on the attacking end. Against Real Salt Lake a couple weekends ago, DK took a free kick, but it wasn't dangerous.

Against the Blues in the Open Cup, DK not only scored, he scored the winning goal, to pair with his terrific game between the sticks, notching at least four key saves by my count to keep the Goats in the match. When Miller Bolaños earned a penalty, Kennedy stepped up, and had the coup de grace on the night, and on his performance.

Here's the video of the moment, if you weren't at the game:

Here's a clearer video, courtesy of Andrew Watson:

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