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Report: Midfielder Martin Ponce Set to Join Chivas USA

Is another player from the mothership about to join the team?

Chivas USA could be adding a new player very soon.
Chivas USA could be adding a new player very soon.

Yesterday, ESPN Deportes reported that Chivas USA are set to add an additional player to their roster: midfielder Martin Ponce. According to Rigo Cervantez's article (Spanish), Ponce has been training with the Goats this week, and set up Giovani Casillas' goal* in the 1-0 reserve win over the LA Misioneros Wednesday.

Ponce, 20, is a native of Mexico and is a midfielder. He is currently in the Chivas de Guadalajara system, as he's been with the Chivas Rayadas for some time, although the report claims he's also spent time in San Lorenzo's and Club Atletico Alvarado's systems in Argentina, although I couldn't find any independent information on this.

The current MLS transfer window closes Monday, so if Ponce is to join the team, the club will need to file the paperwork soon. Another obscure detail is how Ponce can be obtained. If Chivas' loanees from Guadalajara (Mario de Luna, Joaquin Velazquez, Giovani Casillas, Jose Manuel Rivera) are discovery signings, it would appear Chivas USA have already exceeded the number of discovery signings this year, and Ponce would be another one. Still, that's a detail that will never come out, so if the deal goes through, obviously MLS will approve it via whatever means. And there are roster spots available to add a couple players, so that won't be a roadblock.

One more detail: in addition to Ponce, a forward on Chivas de Guadalajara's roster, Juan Carlos Martinez, has also been training with Chivas USA this week, but according to the ESPN article, Chelís is quoted as saying the Goats don't need to add forwards, so don't expect Martinez to stick around past this week in any official capacity.

* Over at, Blair Angulo reported that Martinez in fact scored the goal in the midweek friendly against the Misioneros. Since Chivas USA didn't provide any detailed report of the match, I can't tell if the club or Angulo is correct, but let's note that Martinez may have scored that goal, not Casillas.

We'll stay on top of this story and pass on details as we hear them.

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