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Chivatown Post: The Rollercoaster Ride Edition

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He scores when he wants, Dan Kennedy!
He scores when he wants, Dan Kennedy!

Announcing the return of Chivatown Post! Check out some of the interesting links we've found on Chivas USA and other soccer topics recently!

News of the lawsuit filed against Chivas USA has made it to Deadspin. We're making it big!

The Big Question looks at the inevitability of the aforementioned lawsuit. Here at the Goat Parade, we have also been wondering whether or not a lawsuit or something of this nature would pop up. It is worth noting that TBQ is more surprised that the lawsuit was not filed by a player. I, however, don't think any player cut by Chivas USA since this all began would really feel that something like this was necessary. Most of them were cut for monetary reasons, and I'd say that they've all entered into more positive situations since leaving the team. Just my two cents though.

Dan Kennedy says he earned his penalty kick. You know, that one he scored in the U.S. Open Cup.

Omar Avalos has started a column about Chivas USA over at Soccer Newsday. It's worth taking a look at!

Steve Davis discusses whether or not MLS managers really care about the U.S. Open Cup.

Sacha Kljestan gets the start in the USMNT match against Belgium.

ESPN FC did a profile on Martin Vasquez, who we all know of as "Chivas USA fans' least favorite coach ever."

And to round out the day, here are some stories in world soccer that we at The Goat Parade found amusing:

Even though he left Ligue 1 for Qatar in the January transfer window, Nene feels as though he is also a Champion of France and is entitled to a winner's trophy/medal.

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