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Poll: Chivas USA Player of the Month - April 2013

Voting is now underway!

Who ya got for April?
Who ya got for April?

When creating The Goat Parade's Player of the Month award, I knew not every month would go like March 2013. That month, most everything seemed to go Chivas USA's way. The same cannot be said for April. Although the team only had three games last month, they only managed a point across that span. Still, even in tough results (and frankly, Chivas were not completely outplayed in any of those games, despite the results) there can be good performances among the individual players, so it is time to vote on who you think deserves to be the player of the month.

I'm including each and every player who featured for the Goats last month. The choice is yours, so make it! I'll run the poll this week and announce the winner at the end of this week. So vote now, and tell your friends and family in Chivatown to vote as well! And of course, feel free to stump for your candidate in the comments section below! Try and convince some of the undecideds why you selected the player you did.