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Chivas USA 2013 Salary Figures Released

What's the lay of the land from a player salary perspective?

Kennedy: Currently Chivas USA's highest-paid player.
Kennedy: Currently Chivas USA's highest-paid player.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It is that time once again this year - the day MLS nerds wait for patiently - it is MLS salary figures release day! The MLS Players Union releases these figures twice annually, and this is our first glimpse of what the payroll is for all players in the league, including Chivas USA players.

The union divides the figures into two categories, both of which are somewhat hazy. Base salary is supposed to be just that, while the guaranteed compensation money includes bonuses and such. Although I provide totals at the bottom, I must caution that these are not the figures used internally in MLS to determine the salary amount for a given team. However, since these are the only figures released, we must make do with what's available.

We'll have some follow-up discussion of these figures in the coming days, but here's the quick and dirty for the Goats to this point in 2013:

Name Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
Juan Agudelo $145,000 $175,000
Carlos Alvarez $46,500 $81,500
Daniel Antunez $65,000 $72,500
Eric Avila $100,000 $120,000
Miller Bolanos $54,000 $54,000
Carlos Borja $46,500 $46,500
Tristan Bowen $125,000 $156,363.63
Bobby Burling $85,000 $88,333.33
Giovani Casillas $93,000 $93,000
Jose Correa $60,000 $60,000
Laurent Courtois $132,000 $132,000
Mario de Luna $120,000 $120,000
Marky Delgado $50,000 $52,500
Marvin Iraheta $46,500 $46,500
Ante Jazic $132,187.50 $132,187.50
Dan Kennedy $192,500 $192,500
Patrick McLain $46,500 $46,500
Edgar Mejia $140,000 $140,000
Tim Melia $60,000 $65,000
Oswaldo Minda $125,000 $143,750
Julio Morales $35,125 $35,125
Emilio Orozco $35,125 $35,125
Steve Purdy $80,004 $80,004
Jose Manuel Rivera $116,000 $116,000
Josue Soto $35,125 $35,125
Joaquin Velazquez $100,000 $100,000
Walter Vilchez $116,666 $116,666
Jorge Villafana $69,300 $70,966.67
Total $2,452,032.50 $2,607,146.13

In case you were wondering, yes, Chivas USA's totals are lowest among the 19 teams in MLS. In guaranteed comp, Chivas trail the next-lowest team by over three-quarters of a million dollars. Obviously, I'll have more on the team-by-team comparisons, as well as the internal CUSA numbers, soon.

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