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Chivas USA trade Juan Agudelo to the New England Revolution

Three letters seem to suffice here: WTF?

Agudelo, celebrating his final goal for Chivas USA
Agudelo, celebrating his final goal for Chivas USA

In news that has come out of absolute left field, Chivas USA have announced they have traded forward Juan Agudelo to the New England Revolution, in exchange for Allocation money, the amount of which will likely never be disclosed. Agudelo, 20, was traded to Chivas USA from the New York Red Bulls almost exactly one year ago, in exchange for Heath Pearce and Allocation money. Now, Chivas get no player in return and just some MLS funny money.

My initial reaction? What's going on? On paper, this move doesn't make very much sense. Agudelo looked to be the centerpiece of Chivas' attack this season, at least for as long as he would remain under contract. He has struggled with injuries during his time with Chivas, and had been struggling with a hamstring injury for more than a month, but I'm not sure if concerns over a growing injury history were behind this shock move or not. In addition, the team may figure he'll be leaving soon, and perhaps they wanted to just get something for his value, since if he leaves on a free transfer at the conclusion of his contract, Chivas won't get any money in return. But still.

It is somewhat easy to see why New England would be intrigued with Agudelo, since their attack has sputtered this season, but frankly, with Agudelo out of Chivas' lineup, so has the Goats' attack. From a soccer perspective, this move makes practically no sense.

One could argue that the Allocation money could be socked away in order for Chivas to make a play on a big name this summer. If that happens, then perhaps in hindsight, this deal could make some sense. But given the fact that Chivas have the lowest payroll in the league (and now lags even further behind, with Agudelo's deal off the books), and the indications that Jorge Vergara is putting as little money into this club as humanly possible, I don't foresee any big splashes coming from this club on the player personnel front. I could be wrong, but I just don't see it.

Well, those are my initial thoughts. We'll have more coverage of this trade, but in the meantime, what do you think? Leave a comment below!