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Downtown LA heats up as potential Chivas USA stadium site, though Dennis te Kloese offers little

Could that long-awaited stadium be coming? Eh, don't hold your breath just yet.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the LA Daily News ran an article about the prospects of a soccer-specific stadium being built within the city limits of Los Angeles. As Dakota Smith explains it, with the inability to get a football stadium proposal truly off the ground, city officials now want to welcome soccer, and wouldn't you know it, there is a team in the area that could use a stadium of their own: Chivas USA.

When asked about this possibility at the unveiling of Jose Luis Real as Chivas USA's coach Thursday, club sporting president Dennis te Kloese said the following, according to Smith's article:

Chivas USA president Dennis Te Kloese, who attended an event in Carson Thursday, said he hasn't personally spoken with Los Angeles politicians about relocating. He said the team continues to consider all options, but called downtown Los Angeles "an important area of the city."

"In the end, an option is the sport(s) arena. It's an option we should take into account," said Te Kloese.

How does this sound to me? This sounds like Chivas USA aren't doing much of anything on the stadium front, and te Kloese didn't even really have a soundbite answer on the stadium situation ready. Maybe I should give more benefit of the doubt here, but I'd translate these quotes as "Yeah, sure, LA's cool, whatever man."

So although we wrote about the local political situation earlier this week regarding the obstacles standing in the way at the moment of a potential stadium site in Los Angeles, it appears at least some folks in government are interested in getting some kind of flashy pro soccer stadium built. But whether te Kloese is keeping Chivas' cards close to his chest, or whether he has no cards and there really isn't any movement, remains unclear. We'll let you know if we find more.

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