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Chivas USA lose to Chivas de Guadalajara 1-0 in closed friendly

It could have been a fun day for fans, but the opportunity was wasted.

Marco Fabian played in the game, but why bother letting you see for yourself?
Marco Fabian played in the game, but why bother letting you see for yourself?
Otto Greule Jr

There's a part of me that really wishes somebody would have really pushed to make Sunday's friendly between Chivas USA and visiting mothership Chivas de Guadalajara a full friendly. Really, the timing was perfect, Father's Day in Los Angeles, and I'm certain there would have been thousands of families that would have loved to take or send their Dads to the game as a gift. But no, that opportunity never arose, as the two teams played a closed friendly that was played at the complex-of-that-stadium-that was-recently-rebranded Sunday morning. Chivas de Guadalajara won 1-0, on a goal by...Cubo Torres, who probably won't be coming to Chivas USA now after all since he scored a goal and all (I kid, I kid...only sorta).

Interestingly, the player who set up Torres on the goal in the 73rd minute was Eric Avila, who looks set to fly the coop for Guadalajara. Chivas USA's other current player playing for Chivas was Giovani Casillas, but again, that's less of a surprise since he's only on loan from Chivas in the first place.

Since the game was closed, and there was no stream or highlights video for this game (sigh) there's not much to really cover here as far as how the game went. But here's the lineup for the Amerigoats:

Starting lineup: Patrick McLain; Carlos Borja, Mario de Luna, Walter Vilchez, Gabriel Farfan; Tristan Bowen, Carlos Alvarez, Oswaldo Minda, Jose Manuel Rivera, Laurent Courtois; Jose Correa

Substitutes all entered at the half, with only Rivera and McLain remaining on the field the full 90 minutes: Steve Purdy, Joaquin Velazquez, Bobby Burling, Emilio Orozco, Marky Delgado, Martin Ponce, Marvin Iraheta, Jorge Villafana, Caleb Calvert

Calvert, of course, is part of Chivas USA's Academy, and has played recently in the senior team reserve matches.

By the way, anybody heard from Miller Bolanos lately? Since the team hasn't released any kind of injury report in weeks, is he hurt? Is he unwanted? Has he been sent back to Ecuador? Is he wandering through Hollywood alone?

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