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Chivas USA defender Steve Purdy called up to El Salvador squad for Gold Cup

As predicted, Purdy's international forays this year are not over.

Purdy is set to suit up for El Salvador again this summer
Purdy is set to suit up for El Salvador again this summer

After getting called up to El Salvador's provisional Gold Cup squad last month, Chivas USA announced today that defender Steve Purdy has been called up to El Salvador's (presumably final) Gold Cup squad. Although there's been no word yet from El Salvador on the final roster, Chivas says Purdy's leaving after Wednesday's game against the Vancouver Whitecaps. He likely will be gone until July 16, unless la selecta advance from the group stage, in which case he'll be gone even longer.

Purdy also featured in the 2011 Gold Cup for El Salvador, and could be set to make more appearances for his national team. The 28-year-old has 13 caps since making his debut in 2011.

On the Chivas USA front, while the team's defensive depth has been sorely tested at times this year, Purdy has not played a great deal, making three appearances in all competitions. Of course, it is hard to know where Purdy ranks on new coach Jose Luis Real's depth chart, since Real is only just now taking control of Chivas USA's first team, and Purdy will be gone for the next month. Still, if Chivas get hit by the injury and/or suspension bug on their back line, Purdy's absence could potentially be significant.

Additionally, unless something drastic takes place, Purdy will likely be Chivas USA's only player participating in the Gold Cup this year.

In the meantime, however, congratulations Steve! We look forward to seeing you play in the blue and white next month!

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