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Once a Goat: Ante Razov still beloved by Chivas USA fans, but coaching for LA Galaxy

He's still in SoCal, but is now with the team across the hall.

Fans remember Razov fondly, but probably don't like him working for the Galaxy
Fans remember Razov fondly, but probably don't like him working for the Galaxy

In 2006, Ante Razov came to Chivas USA along with his coach and mentor Bob Bradley to help invigorate the team's dire form. In just two seasons, he and his scoring prowess helped take the team from the bottom of the league to a playoff contender. Chivas USA's all-time leading goal scorer left the team after the 2009 season but continues to make his mark on the league, both negatively and positively. Chivas USA's first major lawsuit involved Razov in 2011, after a team trainer sued him and the team for assault and battery. The trainer claimed that Razov attacked him after being frustrated with an ankle injury. You can read more about that here, however, I was unable to find a resolution to the case.

Since retiring, Razov has worked as a scout for U.S. Soccer on the U-15 and U-18 level, and finally completed his "A" level coaching license in December. He is currently the head coach for the LA Galaxy's U-14 squad, who ended their fall season in first place in the Southern California Developmental Soccer League. The team features a few players that also play for the U.S. U-14 squad. This is Razov's first head coaching position.

Razov isn't the only former Goat to be part of the Galaxy Academy, as just this week Peter Vagenas was named Director of the LA Galaxy Academy. Vagenas retired as a player after finishing last season with Chivas USA, where he was less of a Chivas' fan favorite than Razov. Both players may have ties to Chivas USA, but they also have ties to the Galaxy. And given the uncertain status of Razov's lawsuit, not to mention the other lawsuit concerning Chivas USA, bringing the team's all-time leading scorer back to Chivas USA may not be on the horizon.

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