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Chivatown Post: June Clasico Edition

The news is here, and we're talking some soccer (and some off-field matters too).

Real: Trying to make positive changes
Real: Trying to make positive changes

Amid a Twitter vortex of criticisms launched at Chivas ownership, many focused more on what happened in the air instead of what happened on the field. Except for yours truly.

Chivas USA at times played well against the LA Galaxy in the June 2013 "Super Clasico," or Clasico Angelino, if you will. The clasico that really isn't much of one, started off with Chivas pressing well in attack, and showing improvements going forward.

Speaking of which, for an in-depth perspective of what happened on the field against the Galaxy, with positive points that can be taken from the game, visit the Chivas Nation column at Soccer Newsday.

Alas, this month's clasico, which was pushed to a Sunday at 8 pm Pacific Standard Time, maybe to save Chivas face, was watched by ex-Chiva Sacha Kljestan, who tuned in from his whereabouts to tweet, "Chivas-Galaxy game tonight was a lot different than the ones I used to play in. No atmosphere, no rivalry, no feeling."

Listen to Soccer Morning's discussion with our own Alicia Rodríguez at KICKTV at the 1:34" mark, where she makes the important distinction that the aerial message flown at Sunday's game was initiated mainly by non-Chivas USA fans. In the discussion Soccer Morning host Jason Davis asks if there are other ways for the Black Army supporter group to show its displeasure more effectively. If signs in the stadium, aerial messaging, and tweeting Don Garber don't work, what will? Perhaps taking a more formal tone in the form of an open letter will help, perhaps. The Union Ultras have done this.

A Jack McNamara, who takes credit for starting the push to oust Vergara (unrealistic), and who appears to revel in attention tweeted, "Well, that was fun. I should use airplanes to solve more of my problems." The catch here is that this particular problem (Vergara owning Chivas) is far from solved. This move revealed what many MLS fans have been saying over time; they don't want Vergara, they want the name to change, they want the team to move, etc.

No one said it better than Jonah Freedman at "To my way of thinking, abandoning the CD Guadalajara brand altogether is not the answer. That's a cop-out and an easy excuse for critics. But tweaking the message is certainly within reason," he said. His article has gotten a lot of attention, and seems to be an even-handed examination of what Chivas USA could do to improve its fortunes.

Back to soccer. Coach Jose Luis Real was not satisfied with the result against the Galaxy, but says that Chivas is taking the desired path. Real believes that with a full week of regular training, which he didn't have in his first week, improvements will come.

At this point wins will be the only things that will calm supporter dissatisfaction and prove that the new way of running things at Chivas USA is the right way. That will take the rest of this season (and possibly next) to find out, especially when taking into account that Chivas USA has the least-experienced MLS squad.

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