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Rumor: David Izazola to join Chivas USA?

Could there be some more players joining the team?

Could Paco Palencia (bottom, second from left) be bringing a Puma to the Goats?
Could Paco Palencia (bottom, second from left) be bringing a Puma to the Goats?

Following on my recent theme that Chivas USA are letting their roster dip to critical levels between the departure of some players, seemingly permanently, and the extended international absences of others, it appears Chivas USA are down to 23 active players at the moment. That number gets even lower when you account for any injured players at the moment.

New coach Jose Luis Real has dropped hints to reporters that reinforcements are on the way in the upcoming summer transfer window and if the team is smart in their work to bring in productive players (a big if, admittedly), the second half of the season may not look as bleak.

One rumor that has really taken off in the last couple of days is that of Mexican forward David Izazola. Somewhat shockingly, he appears to have never been a part of the Chivas de Guadalajara set-up, although he is coming off a loan at Queretaro, which was effectively a stash site for Chivas players the last couple years. The striker, 21, began his pro career with Pumas in 2011. In four seasons of spot duty with Pumas, Izazola scored two goals. He was sent on loan in 2012 to Liga Ascenso (2nd division) side Pumas Morelos, a farm team of Pumas UNAM, where he apparently scored six goals in 10 appearances. With Queretaro during the last season, he made no league appearances.

Like several of the players who have come to Chivas USA this season, Izazola has experience on the youth international level, as a member of the Mexico U-20 team in the 2011 U-20 World Cup, where El Tri finished third. Since then, he has not been part of the National Team set-up in any capacity.

On one hand, Izazola has more pro experience than another forward who remains on the roster, Julio Morales. It is possible that giving Izazola a chance to get consistent minutes could lead to his blossoming. But it is also possible that a player who is clearly unwanted by his current team may not do well with being dropped into a new league in the middle of a season.

No written reports have linked Izazola to Chivas USA at this point, but according to this twitter account, which appears to be the player's, he's already come to LA (or at least received a plane ticket at the airport), and is retweeting reports of his loan deal (apparently six months) to Chivas USA.

The summer transfer window doesn't officially open in MLS until July 9, so this could actually be a trial period for the forward before the club makes a permanent decision on him, or alternately, it could be a done deal. Still, if he does indeed join the club, he wouldn't be eligible to play in a match until at least July 12 (and that's if the parties get their acts together to file the paperwork in a timely manner). Chivas will play three games in the meantime, so unless a shock MLS trade comes through, don't expect any reinforcements for a couple weeks.

Otherwise, we'll keep you posted on updates about Izazola and other possible Chivas USA rumors.

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