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Rumor: Dan Kennedy to leave Chivas USA for Maccabi Tel Aviv?

Plausible or impossible? You decide.

What direction is DK pointing?
What direction is DK pointing?

Here's a rumor that appears to come out of left field: a report from an Israeli website claims local power Maccabi Tel Aviv is interested in signing Chivas USA goalkeeper Dan Kennedy.

I can't read any Hebrew, so I used google translate for this article (Hebrew), but it appears the club could be looking for a new starting goalkeeper with Nigerian National Team starter Victor Enyeama set to return from his loan spell at the club to parent club Lille.

The article speaks highly of Kennedy, speculating that in spite of the fact that he's under contract for two more years (actually, he's signed through the 2016 season), his transfer fee would probably be affordable and he wouldn't command a big salary. That's not confirmation the link is true, but it is undeniable he would be cheaper than most European goalkeepers.

Kennedy certainly seems like a very random name to pluck out of nowhere for a move to a European league, but it is truly unclear if this report is at all truthful.

Maccabi Tel Aviv won the Israeli Premier League last season, and their current technical director is Jordi Cruyff, who is of course the son of former Chivas and Chivas USA advisor Johan Cruyff, so that is a possible connection. If Enyeama does not return to the team, they would be looking for a starting goalkeeper, as the other options on the team have very little experience (one of whom, Tomer Chencinski, was briefly a member of Toronto FC, although he never appeared for the club).

Multiple and reliable reports indicate that Kennedy was also desperate to leave Chivas USA during the offseason, although he did sign the contract extension in May, indicating that he may have had a change of heart. Of course, with the Goats in disarray at the moment, it is possible he may be looking for an exit route, and if there is interesting in paying a transfer fee, then perhaps this seemingly-random connection could prove significant.

At this point, I wouldn't get too worked up over a possible move of DK, just because I'm not sure of the reliability of the source. If rumors start to grow and if other reports creep up, and especially if the player or Chivas USA say anything about it, the story may have legs, but otherwise, this is the most speculative of rumors at this point.

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