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MLS Reserve League: Chivas USA defeat Seattle Sounders 2-1

Chivas USA won a game this weekend! It just came the day after the MLS regular season game.

Van der Most (right): Had a very busy weekend coaching the Goats.
Van der Most (right): Had a very busy weekend coaching the Goats.

Chivas USA played their second official MLS Reserve League match of 2013 Sunday, and kept their 100 percent record alive after beating the visiting Seattle Sounders 2-1. The Goats won with goals from Chivas USA Academy player Caleb Calvert and Tristan Bowen, while Steve Purdy followed the pattern of the weekend with an own goal for the Sounders, also in the second half.

The starting lineup for Chivas was: Patrick McLain; Marky Delgado, Steve Purdy, Carlos Borja, Josue Soto, Tristan Bowen, Jose Manuel Rivera, Martin Ponce, Marvin Iraheta, Giovani Casillas, Caleb Calvert

Academy coach (and Saturday's interim interim manager) Sacha van der Most coached the reserve team for this game, and judging by the lineup, it appears that multiple players played in new positions. For example, did Delgado play as a defender, or did the team use a three-man defense with Purdy, Borja and Soto?

Laurent Courtois replaced Casillas in the 55th minute.

Calvert scored in the 69th minute, when he finished Rivera's pass with a header to take the lead. He certainly looks sharp, but the question must be asked: based on the current standards implemented by the front office, is he even considered eligible for a possible Homegrown contract?

Bowen doubled Chivas' lead in the 76th minute, who took advantage of Soto's cross with a sharp shot. Then Purdy headed the ball into his own net (sound familiar?) in the 77th minute to give the Sounders a goal.

Other Chivas subs on the day were Alex Sanchez in the 62nd minute for Iraheta, Brian Kennedy for Bowen in the 77th minute, and James Alewine in the 90th minute for Ponce. Sanchez, Kennedy and Alewine are also members of the Chivas USA Academy U-18 team.

The win gives Chivas the lead in the MLS Reserve League Western Conference, based on points per game. Nice job by the team, but hopefully they can push up to the real deal and get some results when it really counts.

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