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The Goat Parade is looking for contributors!

Can you write? Do you want to join a pretty sweet website? Let us know!

Over the past couple of years, those of us at The Goat Parade have been committed to producing quality content concerning Chivas USA, and we have grown in leaps and bounds during that span. In fact, our reach has broadened so much, and the volume of news concerning Chivas USA has increased exponentially this year, and thus we are looking to add quality writers to the site!

We are looking for interested contributors in the following areas:

News/rumors: Chivas USA news is the bread and butter of our site, and we are looking for people to help in this area. Basically, if you have time to devote to a regular shift(s) weekly (based around your schedule, of course), if you can trawl the internet and social media for leads on stories, and if you can write short articles (150+ words) covering basic news and rumors concerning the club, we need you! You will be in consultation with the editorial staff on this, but if it works out, you would get considerable freedom to work on your own once you got the hang of the assignment.

Game coverage: Running our gamethread during each Chivas USA match, including setting the article up and providing comments during the game. Additionally, writing match reports, either in rotation with other writers, or on a regular basis.


Links: Isn't it nice when somebody puts all the relevant links in a post you can read? Well, we need some help putting those posts together on a regular basis. You would be responsible for looking for links (although other contributors would help provide links as well) and writing up a post every week, in the style or tone of your choice.

Chivas USA Academy: If you take a particular interest in the future of soccer, then the Academy beat could be for you! Basically, you would write articles about matches and players of note as needed, usually once a week. If you are able to attend Academy matches, that would be a plus, but applicants who cannot will also be considered.

LA Strikers: If you attend or are interested in attending LA Strikers matches and providing regular coverage of the team, let us know! We are looking to expand our coverage of the W-League team.

International beat: Write about national team call-ups for Chivas USA players, as well as the matches they play in. The frequency of these articles vary, of course, depending on what is taking place on the international front.

MLS Fantasy: Do you play MLS Fantasy? Do you want to write a weekly column about the game? There's room for you!

Obviously, we're looking for many positions, but we're trying to cast a wide net and see what potential applicants would be interested in. If you are interested in multiple positions, don't be afraid to tell us.

What we require: people interested in any position should be good writers, with a good command of written English, and should be reliable and interested in contributing to The Goat Parade on a consistent basis. Knowledge of Spanish is not required, but is a plus for the News position. Contributors must also be timely in their correspondence with the rest of the site's staff. Experience in writing about sports is a plus but is not a requirement.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to explaining what you are interested in doing for the site, any experience or qualifications you might have, and two relevant writing samples (if you don't have previous samples, write two mock articles for the position you are interested in). And feel free to ask questions if you have them!

Lastly, we have to get this out of the way: we aren't able to pay our contributors at this time. However, this is a great opportunity to get some experience and some exposure. The Goat Parade has become a destination for all matters Chivas USA, and we want to continue to grow and become even better. Think you can join us? We'd love to bring you aboard!