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Reports out of Mexico say Cubo Torres is coming to Chivas USA

For a team starved of forwards, it looks like the player with considerable potential is indeed coming to SoCal.

Torres: Looks like his ticket to LA is being booked.
Torres: Looks like his ticket to LA is being booked.
Stephen Dunn

The rumor that Chivas USA would bring in Chivas de Guadalajara forward Erick "Cubo" Torres has re-emerged, as multiple reports out of Mexico say it is indeed happening.

Yesterday, an article in Record said Chivas de Guadalajara coach Benjamin Galindo confirmed Torres will be coming to Chivas USA (Spanish). Galindo says it will be good for the youngster's development and giving him consistent minutes will be good for him. He also said that Torres, who has been in preseason training with Guadalajara, will be coming to Chivas USA in the coming days. The transfer window officially opens July 9.

Also, Torres himself conducted an interview with Medio Tiempo, published today, talking about the move (Spanish). Lest you think the move is some sort of permanent move, Torres seems accepting of the move to MLS, but he really goes into detail about how he wants to be a club legend in Guadalajara.

Of course, I think it is clear that Torres would come to Chivas USA on loan, and if he started playing well, Guadalajara would snatch him back at the first opportunity. We clearly know the status of Chivas USA as a farm team at this point. But although Torres has struggled considerably of late in Mexico, he is undoubtedly the most talented player to come to Chivas USA from the mothership yet. Considering the circumstances, the best case scenario would be for him to start scoring as soon as the transfer window closed, then score prodigiously until the end of the MLS season.

But as Torres acknowledged in his interview, he has struggled a great deal and going to a new league is going to be a big challenge, as it is for any player. Add to that the fact that the 20-year-old has only played for one club in his career, and there could be growing pains. Remember, this is very much a move of potential for the Amerigoats, and it will be up to Torres to jumpstart his career in this opportunity in Los Angeles.

We'll keep tabs for further developments, as well as official word from Chivas USA on this and other player personnel moves.

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