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Caleb Calvert named USSDA U-16 National Player of the Year

It's a good time to be this guy.

More fireworks until photos of Calvert come in.
More fireworks until photos of Calvert come in.

It's been a pretty exciting 10 days or so for new Chivas USA Homegrown signing Caleb Calvert. In addition to signing his first pro contract last week with the Goats, and being named to the USSDA U-16 Team of the Year, the forward can add another honor to the growing list: U.S. Soccer announced Wednesday that Calvert is the USSDA U-16 Player of the Year from the West Conference, as well as the National Player of the Year for his age group.

By now, you've probably heard that Calvert was one of the top scorers in the country during the 2012-13 Academy season, scoring 22 goals in 27 games for the Chivas USA Academy. He split his time between the U-16s and U-18s, at least in part in order to give him a challenge against older opposition. According to the club and Academy brass, he passed the test with flying colors, as he was offered a contract at just 16, and signed as the club's youngest-ever player.

On the U-18 level, Seattle Sounders Academy's Jordan Morris, a player who has turned heads in recent performances for the U.S. U-20 team team, was named National Player of the Year. As of May, Morris was trying to figure out his options, and it is unclear if Seattle will offer him a Homegrown contract this year, as they've only signed one Homegrown player in their history, DeAndre Yedlin, and that was after he played two years of college soccer.

Congratulations Caleb! Keep up the good work!

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