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Eric Avila back in Chivas USA training

Is he back for good, or for a limited time?

There was an Avi sighting in Carson yesterday.
There was an Avi sighting in Carson yesterday.

Multiple reports have circulated that Chivas USA midfielder Eric Avila, last seen saying goodbye to his teammates so he could go on trial at Chivas de Guadalajara, has returned. While several fans said they saw him at practice yesterday, Olivia Cervantes, who of course works for the team, tweeted this:

Now, as we've reported nearly all along, Avila's trip to Guadalajara was a trial, not a confirmation that a transfer had been made. Although Chivas de Guadalajara coach Benjamin Galindo spoke glowingly of Avila, and public remarks indicated that a transfer/loan to Mexico was likely, it was clear that this was a trial ahead of the Liga MX season, which begins later this month.

Now, with Avila practicing, he could be back with Chivas USA for good, and his absence will have been minimal, or he could be training with the Goats to stay in shape while getting his affairs in order to head back down to Guadalajara. Although it looks like he's back, I say there's still a chance the sightings of him in Southern California will be fleeting.

Perhaps the best indication could come as soon as Thursday, when Chivas USA play their next game. If Avila's involved in that, then he's probably back for good. If not, we'll have to keep watching for any concrete indications from the club.

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