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Reserves: Chivas USA lose 4-1 to LA Galaxy

That unbeaten streak in MLS (Reserve League) play is over.

Minda: Saw a red card - fortunately it was in the Reserve League
Minda: Saw a red card - fortunately it was in the Reserve League
Jamie Sabau

Chivas USA resumed MLS Reserve League play Monday, against local rivals LA Galaxy, but the Goats couldn't keep their run of good form with the reserves going, as they fell 4-1. Chandler Hoffman picked up a hat trick for the Galaxy, including two goals before the 10th minute, while Chivas notched their only goal on the day in the 10th minute from former Goat Bryan de la Fuente, who has been playing with the Chivas USA U-23s of late.

Another former Goat, Laurent Courtois, who came off the bench to make his first team debut for the Galaxy Saturday against the Vancouver Whitecaps, assisted on Hoffman's first goal. Oswaldo Minda picked up a straight red card in the 59th minute, while Jack McBean scored 10 minutes later on a penalty to finish the scoring for both sides.

Here was Chivas USA's starting lineup: Patrick McLain, Emilio Orozco, Marvin Iraheta, Jaime Frias, Josue Soto, Bryan de la Fuente, Jose Manuel Rivera, Oswaldo Minda, Julio Morales, Jose Correa, David Izazola

As already mentioned, de la Fuente was back with the Goats, but it is unclear if he's getting another look at a pro contract or if this was a way to bolster the reserve team. New signing Frias saw minutes on the field, and Izazola, who has apparently been training with Chivas for at least a few weeks, has not yet been announced as an addition to the club.

Martin Ponce entered in the 40th minute for Correa, and the club listed "James Izazola" as a sub in the 65th minute for David Izazola. An internet search does not reveal any soccer-playing James Izazola, so I think that was a mistake and some other player entered the match.

The result leaves Chivas USA in second place in the MLS Reserve League Western Conference standings, behind the Galaxy on a points per match basis. Chivas have still played the fewest Reserve League games in the West, with just four, while Real Salt Lake have already played 10, demonstrating the strange disparity in the scheduling.

Chivas' next Reserve League game will be Monday against the Seattle Sounders in Washington. We'll let you know how the game goes.

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