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Chivas USA officially part ways with defender Walter Vilchez

Are you also scratching your head over this one?

Vilchez: Thanks for the memories
Vilchez: Thanks for the memories

It appears the purge of "Chelís' guys" is complete at Chivas USA.

Defender Walter Vilchez, who has played as center back and left back this season for the Goats, has "mutually parted ways" with the team, according to a release from the club Friday. The 31-year-old Peruvian started 11 games for Chivas this season, which almost certainly would have been more if not for a knee injury that kept him out eight straight matches. In contrast, he started the Goats' last eight matches.

As a result, this move seems a bit fishy. Perhaps Chivas wanted to get rid of the last of the players handpicked by Chelís in the offseason (the other was Joaquin Velazquez, who I don't believe is much missed in Chivatown), or perhaps Vilchez wasn't happy in this situation and the move was indeed mutual. The team claims his contract was set to end at the end of this month, which seems really strange, frankly, since we're a month past the deadline to cut players without picking up their full contract. It's possible that Vilchez's contract could be an exception to that provision, who knows.

But still. Given my druthers, I prefer a healthy Vilchez to Mario de Luna, even though de Luna's younger, and with Vilchez's versatility, he could still play on the backline with Carlos Bocanegra slotting in at center back. On top of that, Chivas don't actually have a left back on the roster, unless you count Bocanegra, who almost certainly will play center back.

So, does that mean we will have to endure stints at LB from Josue Soto, Gabriel Farfan, Jorge Villafana, whoever Jose Luis Real puts at that spot? Or does this mean Jonathan Bornstein is indeed coming back to the Goats? Bornstein actually had a cameo for Tigres this week in the Copa MX, though that could be a way for Tigres brass to show his legs haven't fallen off recently for any potential suitors. As far as I'm aware, he can't move to another Mexican team at this point, so it would have to be a move abroad or more time rotting on the bench in Monterrey for Jonny B. Obviously, the move makes sense for both player and Chivas USA, but that doesn't mean it will happen. We'll keep watch to let you know of any developments.

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