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Jorge Vergara appears on República Deportiva, blames Cue brothers for Chivas USA's problems

Chivas owner Jorge Vergara, not one to speak much publicly on his clubs, goes on Univision to talk Omnlife, Chivas de Guadalajara, Chivas USA and his family life.


Chivas and Omnilife owner Jorge Vergara appeared on Univision's República Deportiva Sunday for a brief, 10-minute interview with co-host Félix Fernández.

The main points of the interview were the story of how he started his company Omnilife, why he bought Chivas de Guadalajara, what he plans for Chivas USA, and his personal life.

Not surprisingly, we got more of the usual sound bites, "I can promise that Chivas USA will be champion," etc, but there were some insightful tidbits.

It doesn't help anyone to be the owner of a soccer club with a century-long tradition of fielding Mexicans only. But it's not only that, it's a very valuable brand and property (ask Don Garber and Soccer United Marketing). And millions of Mexicans feel a share of that property, and defend its tradition fiercely. Ultimately, they are the keepers of the tradition.

When Vergara was in litigation with the former Chivas ownership group, Club Deportivo Guadalajara Asociación Civil, he changed the Chivas de Guadalajara crest's colors and woke a furor among traditionalist Chivas fans. He ended up changing it back and probably paying a royalty to use that brand.

But as it pertains to fans and observers of the team, he first admitted that Chivas USA has been a failure, but that the right changes have been made, and that soon they will be champion.

"I can promise that Chivas USA will become a protagonist in MLS and a champion like Chivas in Mexico." Of course, he's also said Chivas de Guadalajara would win Copa Libertadores (they did come close) and that Chivas USA would run the Galaxy out of their stadium.

Vergara stated that eight years ago he associated with the ones that managed and operated the team, meaning Antonio Cue's group, pretty much placing the blame for the club's failure over the years on them.

He sees that Chivas USA, with all of its new changes, is starting to gel on the field and achieve its own style of play.

Lastly, he summed up the past eight years as a period of breaking bad records, again suggesting that the former co-owners and management got us to where we are today.

Those of us who have followed this club since day one can attest that the last two or three seasons have been a period of decline, and that a result of it was this year's opening day attendance, which hasn't improved.

Chivas USA and Jorge Vergara have the rest of this season to prove that eight years later, they finally got it right. I'll take a better record than Fraser as progress.

But we may not see an ideal, winning Chivas USA team until season 10...or later.

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